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What's in a Bag?

What's in a bag? This hip, hemp little bag tells quite the story. This little Eco-friendly bag took over a year to be completed and has woven together multiple lovely and unique people in it's development. The idea came along initially from our friend and SoulCare blog contributor Karen.  She had 4 of our body mists and suggested a carrying case for them. We listened. We also heard from so many in our community about the importance of the materials used in all forms of product development, not just our body care ingredients but the packaging as well.  The research began.  We surveyed multiple kinds of materials. Recycled, up-cycled, cotton, canvas, linen, wool, you name it we looked into it. ...

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Balmy Adventures

Sol 2 Soul : Outdoor Lovers Body Balm Each of our remedies has a story to tell.  Each one of them were derived out of a need for a simpler, Eco-friendly and sustainable method of delivering the protection, inspiration and nourishment of nature to our bodies, minds and souls.  Jes the founder of SoulCare has been on multiple expeditions backpacking, rafting, camping, hiking, climbing and has spent the majority of her life traveling and on the road.  Our products are made with this in mind, to give the most benefits possible in a travel size and environmentally friendly package.  When trekking, traveling, climbing or any other activity that is taxing on the body and with a need for minimizing space...

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