Welcome our new Director of Product Development!

Welcome, Nicole!

Give a warm welcome to our new Director of Product Development, Nicole!

We have been incredibly impressed with the knowledge, work ethic and absolute passion for all things botanical that Nicole forages and brings to our team. 

We met Nicole at a recent event we sponsored with The City of Phoenix and after chatting for well over an hour as we lost ourselves in the world of plant medicine we immediately realized there was a deep rooted connection.

Nicole is a tremendous asset to our community and adding her healthy and bountiful forest of information to our product development will benefit everyone in this ecosystem. 

Read Nicole's full bio below!  We are so thrilled to embrace your talents!


Nicole Krupela

Position: Director of Product Development

Nicole's passion for helping others enjoy, have fun and learn about the world and environment around them are what drives her to educate and develop content and remedies from the natural, botanical sources our earth offers.

She attended Northern Arizona University, home of the Lumberjacks and graduated with a major in Forestry, along with two double minors in Anthropology and Parks and Recreation. 

In our busy modern world, her bountiful work aims to create a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle for our communities.

She is always looking for new adventures and you will often find Nicole outdoors.

She will be our lead alchemist growing our current line while developing our future remedies made from plant based ingredients as beacons of education to transform the way we think about medicinal plants.



Nicole exudes the aura showing the love she has for her work in all she does. 

She has already developed 3 remedies for our community that will be introduced tomorrow in our Winter Wellness Kit.

As Nicole said herself, "Are you ready, excited? Here we go!"

Yes, Nicole we are so ready. We are grateful for all you have already added to our purpose and thrilled for what we will cultivate together.