Welcome our new Workshop Director!

Welcome, Patricia!

We are incredibly excited to introduce you our new team member Patricia.

She brings a bright, genuine and lively spirit along with a brilliant mind and well rounded array of experience to the position as our new Workshop Director. 

She will be leading, growing and developing the curriculum for our workshops. 

We love everything about what Patricia represents, what she has studied, the field work she has done and where her mind fuses all of these together. 

We can't say it any better than her, so please read on about this amazing young woman.


Patricia Susanto


Position: Workshop Director

Patricia is an events manager, community collaborator, aspiring business analyst, and academically trained scientist based in the Phoenix area. Her background in ecological research and sustainability science largely influences her advocacy for systems thinking, especially when it comes to her every day body care and wellness.

In May 2016, she received her B.S in Conservation Biology & Ecology with a minor in Sustainability from Arizona State University. Following her graduation, she spent two years fully immersed in remote environmental research. She has worked in the wild forests of Southeast Alaska, the high, arid deserts of Southern Idaho, and the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. From collecting the seeds of endangered botanical species to building compost systems and guiding recreational hikes, these experiences have only enriched her momentum to continuously adapt, learn, and grow.

These days, Patricia has since settled (slightly) in her spontaneity, and has found grounding in returning to Phoenix where family and love have always made it home. Now, her ambitions are targeted towards entrepreneurship and community leadership, so she may better develop her skills as a collaborator, influencer, and individual.

What had initially started as a love for the natural sciences and a simple inclination to be outside has now transitioned into a longing to create, inspire, and connect with like-minded individuals who also value the importance of being in tune to nature and oneself.

If not hosting Soul Care’s workshops, you can catch Patricia rock climbing, practicing yoga, watercolor painting, or living a simple life with her partner, Michael.



We are grateful for all she brings to this purpose & eager to learn about what she will contribute to this community. 

We are all quite lucky to have you along, Patricia.