The Journey Begins

My Intention

They call me Jes the CCC -- aka Chronic Climber Chick.  I am a lover of adventure and began this project by chronicling the stories from my experiences on the blog Chronic Climber Chick.

A multitude of challenges led me to finding ways to connect with my natural state of being. It has helped with healing and changed my perspective amidst difficult times mentally, physically and emotionally.  I spend much of my time within multiple communities giving back while learning as a way to share with others the gifts I have been given.

I spent 15 years in professional sales consulting mostly in the healthcare/medical device arena. The day came for me to leap from the corporate world to pursue my own path.  The challenge came to begin to climb of biggest summits life has to offer, teaching and learning with the world through healthy transformation.  Inspiring people to connect to the essential basics of self-care, community and wellness along the way has been the greatest joy of all.

With the rugged desert mountains as a backdrop to my daily life, Arizona is the place I call home.  From taking on rim to rim in the Grand Canyon, backpacking Havasupai to summiting the Southwest's mountains time and again, I believe leading an energetic lifestyle in the outdoors that both provokes and honors the spirit.  In July of 2013 I added the quest that took me to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro to my adventure list. Since then my Tour De Mother Nature has led me on a variety of divinely inspired adventures that have added a tremendous amount of education and opportunities to give back to this planet we call home. 

The tenants of my life philosophy are honesty, authenticity, courage and a genuine spirit.  I believe that sharing your own life experiences you can serve as a guide, helping others traverse their own route.  I believe in seeking and discovering your inner voice, and having the courage to be true to your own unique nature.  I find solitude in nature and on my yoga mat, that allows me to look inside for the answers that I need rather than looking to external sources. I believe the answers we all seek are inside, you just have to find where they speak to you.

For me, life isn't about finding a balance, it is about creating balance. Being authentic and standing in my power is where I discovered this ever evolving purpose. When you first love yourself you raise the vibration of those around you to do the same and we rise as a whole. I continue to find all the answers I seek within me through my yoga practice and meditation. 

This whole wellness journey led me to developing my own line of simple, natural, organic botanical body care remedies; all responsibly sourced from nature.  The creation of these products started as a simple way for me to show love and appreciation to myself, my family, friends and the planet.

They have become a way for me to share the love with those who have joined the journey of self discovery and as a beacon for social, environmental and self-care education.

This project has slowly grown into a larger footprint of body, mind, spirit and wellness on a community and global level through sharing education and through advocacy work for our planet, the place we all call home.

It is my hope that you enjoy these consciously crafted creations and the messages that are shared through them. 

Let the high vibe of your soul shine through your own healthy skin while we work towards a healthy planet for all.

Peace, Love & Dirt,





My health & wellness journey brought me back to where my roots were planted, in the dirt of Mother Nature.  During my multiple health struggles I kept finding my peace within her graceful grounds.  When I began to heal I took everything in my life and simplified it. 

I began by putting all organic, natural, basic ingredients into my body, then nourished my mind with the seeds of grateful thoughts. My final epiphany came in the form of osmosis. I needed desperately to simplify my body care products.  My skin was a class 5 tornado during my recovery.  I began by using almond oil then began my research to add to this formula and eventually found my secret recipes of simplicity.  What you see today is those elements paired with the spirituality I gained in nature. 

We are to change with the seasons as Mother Nature intended, as my botanical remedies will follow her lead.  I foresee sharing these naturally contrived inspirations with our ever evolving souls for many seasons to come.

I hope you can join me at a SoulCare Event along my travels.  I hope to meet each of you and share the positive high vibration we can create together. 


Check out the Recent Event with the AZRA a Rafting Company that took 10 young adults from The Foundation for Blind Children river rafting in the Grand Canyon with a hike out of Bright Angel Trail.

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FBC White Water Rafting