Topical Trio of Harmony
Topical Trio of Harmony
Topical Trio of Harmony
Topical Trio of Harmony

Topical Trio of Harmony

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Introducing the Holistic Symphonic Trio

Tune into your body's holistic blend of harmonious healing. 

This composition of natural remedies infused with bits of rock awaken the jive of that natural pharmacy within your skin.

Pair it with our hip little hemp bag, our all in one body balm sunscreen and you've got a traveling symphony of topical holistic health.

Alleviate the Pain: Penetrate acute pain with localized treatment to your personal frequency.  Mother Nature's remedies of Marjoram, Menthol, Birch, Clove, Eucalyptus, Peppermint all in an emollient carriage of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Infused with a clear quartz stone to tame that pain so you can keep on rolling.

"Once the music hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley

Respite from your Plight: Essence of the soothing energy of serenity seeping into your pores to encourage your body to relax and reconnect.  Pair it with a sound bath and slip slide away into a restful slumber. Infused with Amethyst stone, the natural soother of mind and emotions.

Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony. - Leonardo da Vinci, Notebooks (1451-1519)

Renew those Blues: Belt out the blues, sing to the Tea Tree and Sage, allow your body to recover through the tune of healing renewal. Infused with a black Onyx stone to turn it up a notch.

“For me there is something primitively soothing about this music, and it went straight to my nervous system, making me feel ten feet tall.” ― Eric Clapton.

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